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In recent days, the Executive Board of Girls Inc of Greater Lowell has been made aware of allegations of racial bias at Girls Incorporated of Greater Lowell.  We find these allegations deeply concerning.  Discrimination of any kind is not acceptable and does not align with our values.  We are dedicated to the empowerment of girls and women, and helping improve the conditions in which they live, which includes creating lasting changes concerning racial justice and equity.

This is why the Executive Board has prioritized this issue and has engaged the law firm of Gallagher & Cavanaugh, LLP to conduct a thorough investigation of the allegations and report its findings and recommendations to the Board.   The investigation is being led by Attorney Sheryl Bourbeau, who heads the firm’s employment law and litigation practice and has extensive experience in employment discrimination matters for both employees and employers.

To ensure the integrity of the investigation and respect the rights of all involved, to ensure that witnesses who are interviewed are not influenced by statements of others, and to ensure that people are able to present their information without worry that their statements will be shared with others, the investigators have directed that we not at this time respond directly to the allegations, pending the outcome of their investigation. 

We know members, staff, and the community are eager for meaningful action in response to these allegations and we are proceeding – as expeditiously as possible – to thoroughly and fairly investigate the allegations, while respecting the rights of all involved. 

We welcome information from current and former members, staff, and others with knowledge of relevant facts and encourage them to contact Attorney Sheryl Bourbeau at Gallagher & Cavanaugh, LLP with any such information.  Questions regarding the status of the investigation should be directed to Attorney Bourbeau.  The firm’s main number is 978-452-0522 and Attorney Bourbeau’s email address is

We thank all who have expressed concern about these troubling allegations.  Please know that we are committed to addressing them fully, fairly, and promptly.

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For any information regarding our agency’s basic financial information or access to our annual 990 filing, please access the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General Non-Profits & Charities Page.

Tracy Ingersoll | Executive Director

Tracy Ingersoll
Executive Director
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Bob MacPhail
Business Manager
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Program Director
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Cathleen Gable
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