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End of Day Procedures and Late Pick-up Policy

During pick-up time (5:30-6:00 p.m.), all girls must wait in the game room until an adult arrives to get them. The authorized release person must come into the building and sign his/her name and the time of pick-up on the sign-out sheet. Only people indicated on a child’s membership form should come to pick up the child. Any change in authorized release people should be communicated to our office in writing. Furthermore, we do not allow children to leave the building other than to participate in Girls Incorporated activities. If you wish your daughter to walk home from Girls Inc., please pick up a “permission to walk” form from our office. These policies are in place to provide for the safety and security of our members, and we thank our parents for helping us maintain these procedures. We would like to   remind parents that all children must be picked up by 6:00 p.m. each day. There is a late fee assessed when children are not picked up by 6:00, which must be paid in full before the child can re-enter the program. We regret the necessity of such a policy, but late pick-up requires staff to stay after their scheduled hours and causes undue stress on the child as well.

Membership and Fees

To enroll your daughter as a member of Girls Inc., parents/guardians must fill out our membership packet. Please note, parents are responsible for keeping the membership packet information up to date.

 Girls Inc. is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to operate a SCHOOL-AGE CHILD CARE PROGRAM and ACCEPTS all valid CHILD CARE VOUCHERS, EEC License # 9014956.

For Private Pay families, there is a sponsorship system from donations based on family size and income and need. Applying is simple – just fill out the Family Income Worksheet in the Membership Application and submit the requested proof of income. To help with your budgeting, we charge the same amount for every month regardless of its length. Fees for the After School Program are payable monthly before the first business day of the month.  The monthly fee entitles members to participate in all After School Program activities, including classes, daily choices and special events.

A $5 LATE FEE will be added to any monthly fee not paid by the 1st of the month. If fees still remain unpaid on the 6th of the month, the LATE FEE will be increased to $10. Members who have not paid by the 11th will be removed from the program until ALL fees are paid in full. Returned checks will be charged a $25.00 RETURNED CHECK FEE. Once a check has been dishonored, only cash will be accepted for future payments.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Fees for transportation, monthly after school activities, vacation weeks and classes are nonrefundable, regardless of the reason for the child not attending part of or the entire program. Classes that are cancelled by Girls Incorporated will be made up at the end of each session. Class fees are only refunded when a class is completely canceled by Girls Incorporated. Partial refunds for children leaving in mid-session are not given.


Important announcements regarding schedule changes, special events, etc. will be posted on the bulletin board in our lobby and/or included in letters and notices available to parents. Please check the board and sign-out desk area regularly for these communications. Announcements of importance to the girls are made during our daily assembly before 4:30 p.m. activities. You can also check out our Fb page for regular updates and announcements.

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