Spotlight on Interns, Volunteers & Alumna

Alumna Spotlight – Jennifer Vivier

Jennifer Vivier was six years old when she first stepped foot into Girls incorporated of Greater Lowell. Little did she know this was going to be the place that would have a huge impact on her life going forward. She grew up an only child in a low-income household raised by her single mother. Part of her education was spent in a neighboring town that didn’t have much diversity, which was a main reason for her mother enrolling her into Girls Inc. Jennifer attended both the after school and summer programs and participated in many classes the facility had to offer.

When she was nine years old Jennifer took her first photography class. That very moment when she was given the opportunity to have complete freedom to be creative through the art of photography changed everything for her. In school Jennifer was often bullied and struggled academically to keep up with the other students. When she came to Girls Inc. her daily school frustrations were alleviated and she was able to express herself by participating in the classes and programs. One of Jennifer’s favorite classes was the Grandparent program, she would attend assisted living homes with a group of her peers and volunteer her time singing or making crafts with the residence. She also participated in several programs and events such as Money Management, Young Scientists and Take Our Daughters to Work Day where she was on the first ever national council at the age of eleven.

She remained an active member in the program till she was twelve years old. Jennifer remembers the many mentors she had in the program, the women who worked their showed her endless support and empowered her to get through her bad days and embrace the good ones. Without the opportunities Girls Inc. provided her at a young age, she doesn’t believe she would be the person she is today. Growing up she was always told it is important to give back to your community, Girls Inc. allowed Jennifer to have these experiences and teach her lifelong lessons. When she was nineteen years old she walked back in to Girls Inc. joining their team as a Program Specialist. Jennifer had just graduated high school and thought of no better way to spend her time than to give back to a place that had given her many opportunities. Over the next twelve years she would off and on working or volunteering her time with the organization while she was pursing her college degrees.

Now thirty-one years old Jennifer has previously received in 2016 the Martin Luther King Jr. award from University of Massachusetts Lowell for Distinguished Student Service for the work she has done with Girls Inc. and in May 2018 she received the 2018 UMass Lowell Chancellor’s Medal for Community Service for the continued efforts of connecting Girls Inc with the university. This award is given to students who have gone above and beyond to volunteer their time in their academic and personal communities.

Jennifer recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell receiving her bachelor’s degree in fine arts concentration in graphic design and a minor in digital media and production. Her goal for the future is to find a job in her field where she can continue to make a difference in the world through the use of media, technology and the arts.

Jennifer thanks the Girls Incorporated program for her many accomplishments and helping her become the woman she is today, without their continued love and support throughout all these years she says she wouldn’t have been able to get this far in her education and in life. She hopes to continue to give back to the organization and encourages the young members to dream big because anything is possible, as long as you believe in yourself you will make it far in life!


Intern Spotlight – Erin Murphy

“My name is Erin Murphy and I am an undergraduate Public Health student at University of Massachusetts Lowell. This semester, I will be an intern at Girls Inc. focusing on implementing health education into programs. The past four years, I have planned Relay For Life events at UMass Lowell and established a Students Against Cancer club on campus working to support the mission of the American Cancer Society.  After graduating in May, I hope to work with people in communities to promote and improve health. I am excited to explore the opportunities that Girls Inc. has to offer and look forward to working with the staff and the girls in order to promote healthy lives. I absolutely love the mission of Girls Inc. and am excited to help girls become strong, smart, and bold!”

Alumna Spotlight – Kelsey Barowich

Kelsey Becomes an Advocate in Her Community

Girls Inc. of Greater Lowell alumna Kelsey spent 11 years at Girls Inc. taking advantage of programming that allowed her to discover her passions for civic engagement and public policy.  She also worked as a Program Specialist and sat on the board last year.  Today, Kelsey works as a Policy Analyst for the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight for the Massachusetts State Legislature. She is also an advocate for LGBTQ rights, a member of YW Boston’s Advocacy committee which focuses on paid family leave and criminal justice reform, and involved in protecting young people in Boston’s School to Prison Intervention Pipeline program.

(L to R: Kelsey Barowich, Alumna, and Maritza Grooms, Teen Center Coordinator)

Kelsey is forever grateful for the confidence that Girls Inc. staff members, and fellow girls, helped her to develop. She learned how to believe in herself, and used that power to become an advocate and community organizer. Through the Alumnae Scholarship program Kelsey was able to study in Washington D.C. for a summer and intern with Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. There, she cultivated her passion for helping others and learned more about civic engagement, public policy, and government relations.

As a young woman working in politics, Kelsey’s time at Girls Inc. continues to inspire her and push her forward. To this day, she relies on her Girls Inc. family for continued support, encouragement, and guidance. In the future, she hopes to head an advocacy organization similar to Girls Inc. and provide more people with the same gifts she received as a young girl.

Kelsey recognizes that girls continue to face great challenges but believes mentorship and community spaces, like the one she experienced at Girls Inc., are two important steps in combatting systematic oppression and inequality. Her advice is to never be afraid to ask for help, and to hold tight to people that love and inspire you. When you do that, she says, there is no way you will not succeed.

Volunteer Spotlight

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