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Tracy Ingersoll | Executive Director

Tracy Ingersoll
Executive Director
978-458-6529 x 102

Bob MacPhail | Business Manager

Bob MacPhail
Business Manager
978-458-6529 x 101

Jennifer Demers | Program Director

Jennifer Demers
Program Director
978-458-6529 x 103

Pamela Larocque | Program Coordinator

Pamela Larocque
Program Coordinator
978-458-6529 x 104

Brenna Carney | Assistant Program Coordinator

Brenna Carney
Assistant Program Coordinator

Rachel MacGillivary | Outreach Coordinator

Rachel MacGillivary
Outreach Coordinator
978-458-6529 x 105

Maritza Grooms | Teen Center Coordinator

Teen Program

978-458-6529 x 113

Girls Incorporated Lowell

Girls Incorporated Lowell
220 Worthen Street
Lowell, MA 01852
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